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Effective planning is the first and most critical phase of any project. Establishing goals and objectives is the starting point in developing a program to efficiently execute work within the project parameters. With targets in place, a team of qualified professionals must be carefully selected and engaged. Upon completion of conceptual design, a preliminary budget and schedule is prepared, applicable zoning and codes are reviewed and the metrics are evaluated within a business model developed for the project.

With conceptual design approval, the process of preparing for construction documents includes multiple tasks that must be closely coordinated. As design documents are prepared, details must be evaluated for cost, lead time, quality and constructability. Several materials may need to be pre-purchased in order to maintain schedule. As plans evolve, budgets must be updated and value-engineering options evaluated. Bid documents are issued to pre-qualified contractors and permits secured from the appropriate agencies.

Maintaining continuity of the project team is essential during the construction. Regular project meetings are chaired and minutes issued carefully outlining open items, responsible parties and established time frames. Tracking the shop drawing and submission process as well as monitoring material delivery schedules are key elements to maintaining schedule. Additionally, detailed review of all requisitions and change orders are critical in managing the project financials with regular reporting. Quality inspection and safety control procedures must be maintained throughout the project.

A comprehensive closeout program assures that contractual obligations are fulfilled and a complete project delivered to the client. Prompt completion of construction punch list items minimizes disruption to operations and projects a quality installation. Administrative elements such as warranties, regulatory approvals, as-built documents and operations & maintenance manuals are essential to every project.


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